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  • Posted on 19-09-2014
    Theme A few leading stock-broking companies in India, which set up operations a couple of decades ago, have evolved over the last decade or so. From being pure-play stock-brokers, most of them metamorphosed, initially into listed, full-service investment banks, and more recently into fully diversified financial services companies (FSCs). They also entered other fee-based financial services and...
  • Posted on 14-09-2014
    If you're a newcomer to social media websites like Twitter and reddit, you've likely discovered how challenging it can be to attract new followers. If you send a Tweet, or post a comment on reddit, your message has only a fleeting opportunity to find an audience. If you tag your Tweet with a popular "hashtag," it might enjoy a brief moment in the Twittersphere spotlight. However, if it doesn't...
  • Posted on 06-09-2014
    I first became familiar with the dynamics of "social trading" while writing about Web-based investing platforms like DittoTrade and EToro. Such online services enable brokerage account holders to "piggyback" on the trades of lead investors. These trading services incorporate many of the interactive elements of social media. Within the past year, software developers have launched several new apps...
  • Posted on 03-09-2014
    Even though I had spent more than twenty years working on Wall Street, I hadn't fully understood, before writing Social Media Strategies For Investing, how dramatically technology and social media have transformed the world of stock trading. Social finance has arrived, and it's here to stay. Social finance websites like StockTwits, Harvest, and Estimize have disrupted the conduct of investing....
  • Posted on 25-08-2014
    Highlights of Our Social Finance and Business Curated Tweets for August 25, 2014 Gaming: A Millennial Gambling Gambit | Inside the SLS #LasVegas: An LA Club Guru Bets Big via @CNBC  M&A: #TaxInversion, eh? Want Some Fries with that Cruller? | Tim Hortons $THI Shares Soar on Burger King $BKW Merger Talks via @BNN Social Finance: #Twitter Analytics Firm Expands | #iSentium Launches...
  • Posted on 16-08-2014
    The second half of August is a popular vacation time for many Wall Streeters and finance professionals. Throngs of desk jockeys choose to escape the summer heat and take advantage of the lighter work pace of the late-summer weeks. Popular New York-area beach destinations like the Hamptons and the Jersey Shore brim with well-heeled vacationers.  It's ironic that the season often associated with...
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Investing Isn’t only about “The Number.” Business journalists and investing bloggers have become fixated on anticipating and reporting corporate earnings relative to consensus expectations. Cable news pundits recount earnings reports as though they were sportscasters summing up last night’s game scores, with the “winners” and “losers” easily identified. However, the significance of company news can’t be boiled down to a single reported number... Read more