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  • Posted on 21-07-2014
    It's been said that "the rich are different from you and me." There might be truth to that generalization, but you wouldn't know it, judging by some important aspects of the online behavior of wealthy adults. In particular, those with material financial assets at stake tend to use social media much like anyone else who goes online.  Individuals with more than module million in assets have more skin...
  • Posted on 17-07-2014
    The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently fired a warning shot across the bow of the European brokerage industry, when it issued a Discussion Paper that proposes to unbundle “dealing commissions” and investment research. As Integrity Research recently pointed out, US brokers should take heed of this development, because the move could have trans-Atlantic repercussions. Of the £3...
  • Posted on 15-07-2014
    Theme Indian stock markets moved up substantially after the results of general elections were announced on May 16, 2014. The rally has been based primarily on a “re-rating” of the markets and expectations that the new government at the center would bring about an economic recovery. It pays to analyse the financial performance and prospects of companies closely, before jumping on the...
  • Posted on 08-07-2014
    Thousands of freelance writers got a kick in the pants last week when Yahoo! announced that it would be shutting down Yahoo! Voices at month end. I greeted the news with a sigh. The crowd-sourced publishing platform had been a welcome discovery when I began blogging about finance last year. All contributor content will be removed from Yahoo! Voices on August 1, 2014. Yahoo! acquired Associated...
  • Posted on 03-07-2014
    There's nothing wrong with speaking quickly, as long as one can be understood. Some actors make a living by "talking fast." Robin Williams and Vince Vaughn have a knack for talking quickly, but intelligibly. On financial television, pundits with rapid-fire delivery are in no short supply. Michael Santoli and Jon Steinberg come to mind. In the podcasting realm, speaking velocity can be a defining...
  • Posted on 30-06-2014
    Differential Voting Rights (DVR) Shares DVR shares are similar to ordinary shares, except in respect of dividends and voting rights. In India, Tata Motors Ltd. (TAMDV.NS) became the first company to issue DVR shares in 2008. Rights of DVR Shareholders Right to Dividends DVR shares usually carry a higher dividend, compared with ordinary shares. For instance, the dividend payable in the case of...
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